Back when Google's Panda update was released, a number of websites were torn down in a show of strength by Google. But, the resulting legal action, and the timewasting by Google, has meant that since that time very few websites have been taken down due to backlinks or Exact Match Domains.

Still, website owners are fearful. That is why people like us now concentrate on UK directory entries to boost a website's position, in concert with quality backlinks. We don't place links or banners on anyone's website but our own!

We also place ad banners on our sites, and on our partner sites, and can significantly boost your website up the rankings. We operate over 400 websites in the UK.


What will boost your site's rankings?

Assuming that your keywords are well developed, then backlinks are the bedrock of a good position in the search engine rankings.

  1.  A lonely backlink will carry more weight than a cluster of backlinks.
  2.  A UK backlink will carry more weight than an overseas backlink.
  3.  A backlink from a website in a similar industry carries much more weight.
  4.  A banner carries more weight again, rather than a simple link, and they include traffic.
  5.  Small satelite websites are ten times better thank backlinks, they generate 'leads'. A group of satelite sites may cost you less than £100 per site.

You may also consider quality "outlinks" and video, just to boost your website's position. A quality outlink would be a link to a story on the BBC, etc.

Advertising banners, the heart of our business
A banner is a backlink in itself, but a quality one, and one that carries traffic to your site, and traffic is good for your ranking.

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Raw backlinks, boosting the sites they list. The more sites listed here, the less power each gets
We normally aim to have less than 10 backlinks listed on any website page. That way they each have more power.

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